Is the correct phrase “oh, bother” or “oh, brother”? Or do they mean different things?

I have hear both being used, do they mean different things or are they both used in the same way? No, they’re different. “Oh, bother” is an expression of annoyance and frustration at something that isn’t going right. It’s like saying, “Oh, shoot” or it’s more vulgar variant. For instance, you’re in a hurry and … Read more

Why does 2ln2=ln4? Logs?

Please explain why 2ln2=ln4 and why 3ln2 doesnt = ln6? there’s a logarithm property that states: n ln u= ln u^n so 2 ln 2=ln 4 because 2^2=4, not because 2•2, equals 4. 3 ln 2= ln 2^3= ln 8 hope this makes sense. 4=2^2 Then ln4=2ln2 3ln2=ln(2^3)=ln8 ln6=ln(2*3)=ln2+ln3. For potended numbers of potence n … Read more

How do you pronounce Akhal Teke?

akhal teke is pronounced (ack.hal.tec.e) the hul bit is pronounced like hull, as on a ship. Try saying Akhal Teke. It works like a charm. Arharl Tiki is how I have always heard it pronounced. In the culture where these horses originated, the A is softer than we say it here in America. I’ve always … Read more

21 june, gemini or cancer?!?

a person born on 21 june 1963 in tonsberg, norway, at 23.00, is gemini or cancer? You were born in a tricky day we astrology folk like to call the cusp. However, you ARE either a Gemini or a Cancer, and so you need to make a birth chart to see where the sun was … Read more