Can you mail a usb drive in a regular envelope?

Is that possible or can it only be paper? I’m sorry I don’t know what category this would go into…

Yes, you can. A USB drive is small enough to be allowed to be mailed as regular mail. Even CDs can be mailed packaged in regular envelopes.

The USPS says that anything thicker than 1/4″ or not flexible must be mailed as a First Class Package rather than a letter. The postage for 1 oz is $2.60 as of this writing.

I don’t know. Call the post office. If nothing else, use a small yellow envelope and wrap the flash drive in bubble wrap. Then go to the post office and have them weigh it and post it with a shipping price.

Yes. It may require more stamps than a regular letter, though, due to extra weight. I would take it to the post office to mail it so that they can weigh it there and charge you what the package requires. That’s how I did it.

I would think for safe shipping, a padded Envelope would be best. Just my opinion.

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