Can you inflate your belly without a pump ?

Could you inflate your stomach without a pump, I wish to understand people could because i am unsure if carrying it out with a pump is safe (I done it 7 times because of the pump nevertheless now in thinking it’d maybe not safe?) Do you realize anyways i possibly could do so with no pump.

Decide to try ingesting a lot of alcohol.

(Sorry if you are therefore later I simply seen this these days) consuming a lot of alcohol can lead to alcoholic beverages poisoning, but there are some other choices for instance, you might take in 1L (or even more) of liquid and bloat although, if excessively is drank, it may induce liquid poisoning. (But I seen some one beverage 5L) or you might consume atmosphere orally through the atmosphere you inhale or from a blown up balloon. – because of this if perhaps you were carrying it out orally you would air in and take the atmosphere, (avoiding sucking in and/or atmosphere would visit your lung area) . If you decide to do so by a balloon, you would do like the atmosphere one just with a balloon, (they’re both laying on the straight back) you must strike
the balloon up-and after that fundamentally pull the atmosphere and get away from respiration. In the event that you view videos you frequently see their particular upper body appears huge as soon as it deflates their particular stomach expands. Hope this assists you!

take to ingesting a lot of atmosphere while the beverage a lot of liquid then you’ll definitely feel a fullness should you believe such as your planning to burp hold it im by keeping your air

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