Can you die from biting your tongue?

I was watching death note.The episode when misa was captured and then she said that she couldn’t take it anymore.Then L told watari “Watari stop her from biteing her tongue”.Then I wondered can you really die from biting your tongue?So if you can answer this it would be a lot of help.

Remember that in the old days, people used to get their tongues cut off for torture or religious reasons. (Heretics) You will suffer a great deal of pain, but you will not bleed to death. And despite what someone said, DO NOT put your fingers in the mouth of a person having a seizure. You may injure yourself or worse, you may injure the seizure victim or blocck his airway and cause his death! The safe thing to do is to try to hold the person in place and to put soft pillows or objects around him. Cradle his head so he doesn’t bang it.

Biting Tongue Death

yes you can sever your lingual artery. the blood loss can be severe and rapid enough to cause death. hence the concern that epileptics can not only choke by swallowing their tongue when seizing but may also bite their tongues off resulting in fatality.



Answer 6

There is an artery in the tongue called the Lingual Artery. If someone bit down hard enough and severed their tongue, you would bleed extremely heavily and die from blood loss.
Theres also another way you can die from biting your tongue, if you bite the tongue hard enough to damage or sever the central muscle/ligament it will retract into the back of the throat and you’ll choke death on your own tongue. There are also chances of possible infections that can slowly kill you.

Answer 7

When she was captured, wasn’t she bound and blindfolded?
I think she just bit her tongue because it was the only way she could harm herself.

i don’t think so because your tongue heals quickly



I dont think so.

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