Can you cancel an evike order?

therefore i bought a weapon today, and after buying the firearm we noticed the fps was at .12gram bbs so that the firearm will draw. I must cancle your order, We currently emailed all of them but i’m afraid sick for some reason be far too late, any person understand what i will do?

You will need to phone all of them up-and perhaps not publish your concern right here because this right requires your exchange with Evike. Though I’m not specific, i do believe Evike lets you terminate an order provided that a shipping / purchase satisfaction kind will not be repaid to you personally. In the event that you currently obtained something such as that (including a tracking quantity and/or an order verification slide) you might be far too late. When they however enable you to terminate, you may spend up some re-stocking charge to increase the fee you currently paid-up for.
Best Of Luck!

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