Can my parents read my text messages? T Mobile?

Okay so awhile back my dad told me he could read every text message I send or receive. He kinda sounded like he was just messing with me but multiple times he has asked my sister, “were you texting [someones name] today?” as if she said something bad to that person. I don’t know if it is because he looked on her phone or he could somehow view the messages some other way. I’ve had my phone for like half a year and my parents have never confronted me about any texts.. but I still worry that my dad can view my texts because I would probably get in trouble. I have a t-mobile phone with unlimited text messages and my phone is under a family plan. Can he read them online?? Please help!

My parents say the samething…I did major research because I was scared that they were going to read them..but no they can’t they can see what number u were txting and at what time but they can’t see the accaul message.

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T Mobile Text Online

He can only read the actual messages if he picks up your phone and reads them in your sent box. When he gets his bill he can see the numbers you send messages to but not the actual words you sent.

Hope it helps

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