can my dog get blue balls?

I was watching my dogs play, and my little male dog was getting aroused and he does not know what to do. I need to get him fixed (so please don’t tell me he needs to be fixed – however because of a skin disease the doctor is waiting till it is cleared) Anyways, I am wanting to know….

LOL….I haven’t heard that expression since I was 16

My Dog Blue

Yes, they can develop the urge to mate so intense it that would cause a seminal release. This is true of males around bitches in heat that are driven biologically to copulate but without access to the female would simply purge the desire. All animals have the basic instinct to mate. Not knowing what to do with that urge seems strange to us and “funny”. If pointed in the right direction mother nature would take over for him. As long as he he isn’t on your house guests leg though I wouldn’t worry too much. Getting fixed will help some with the urge but he will still be thinking about “doing it”. Teenagers are the same way…I had three :o)

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Source(s): owned lots of dogs and cats… father of three teenagers and recall what “blue balls” meant to them and myself as a lad.

I have no idea how old this thread is but yes its totally possible. Not common but possible. Just took my dog to the vet today and everything looks great other than his stomach (and poor winky) are locked up and caused him a significant amount of pain. He did not eat anything he wasnt supposed to, and didnt come in contact with anything unusual at all. They thouroughly tested him and found him to be the epitome of a healthy dog minus the lock up. The only unusual thing was he around 3 females in heat without being able to breed (hes a stud so he knows what to do) and he worked himself into a tizzy that night and then today you cant even touch his winky hes so angry about it. No bruising and nothing unusual, just severe cramping… Both my parents have seen this with male dogs of their own and others, when around a female in heat without being able to breed.

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No however in humans it really isn’t a complete myth. Some guys do get it but not commonly. I would not believe every guy who say they have blue balls but some do get it.

Answer 6

No i don’t think so

Answer 7

no, and neither can humans. it’s just a myth guys make up.


No, but do get him fixed.

No, and men can too!

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