can i feed my bearded dragon nightcrawlers?

i have a pack of nightcrawlers because i was going to use them for fishing, but they didn’t work and i know beardies can eat worms.

Yes you can! They’re more nutritious than mealworms and crickets. And they wriggle more (extra bonus for the beardie.)
Great idea!
Hope I could help.

you can offer them Locusts, Co̫ςκroaches, Meal worms, Wax worms, Zophobas worms, Silkworms, Butter worms, Red worms, Earthworms and just about any other worm available.But when you feed them the food has to be no bigger than the space between their eye or else they
will suffer from impaction and/or hind leg paralysis. Also you must not feed them wild caught insects because they may have parasites. So if you feed them the worms you may want to cut them in pieces.

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As long as your beardie is full grown it shouldn’t be a problem. I used to give mine nightcrawlers every once in a while and he loved them!

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