Can I dye my hair after swimming in a pool with chlorine in it? ?

I went swimming in a pool with chlorine, now that my hair is dry can I dye it or will that affect it?

i does not advise it on an identical day — no longer basically ought to your hair nonetheless have some dye in it (extraordinarily in case you employ living house dye kits) and reason cloudiness/shade of the pool, however the residual chemical compounds ought to certainly react with the chlorine. as quickly as you have dyed it and washed it a pair situations, you may desire to be extra desirable off. Blonde dye can nonetheless be tormented through chlorine and tinge your hair green, yet supposedly getting specific shampoo for chlorinated hair helps.

The chlorine might have a bad affect with the wash your hair first or atleast run clean water through it.

I would wait. Wash your hair today and the day after tomorrow would be a good time. Your hair cant be clean when you dye it (as you are probably aware of).

you can dye it. but just stay out of the swimming pool for about 3 days after you dye ur hair
watch this video:…

it will effec it most likelly, so u need to just rinse ur hair and then wait for it to dry then dye it.

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