Can a plus size girl play volleyball?

I’m plus size and kinda insecure about my body and I wanna play volleyball.

yeah as long as you like volleyball and want to play thats all that matters

Of course! my Bestie (A plus girl), plays professional volleyball for her school team.

it depends on the mobility you have
to get in shape start walking and joyful directs everything to God

Go get em chile!

If you have the skills and conditioning, go for it. Volleyball players come in all shapes and sizes and someone who is plus-sized in condition will have more stamina and be in better health than someone who is thin and out of shape.

Answer 6

No reason not to. Either you can play the game or you can’t. Your body shape has nothing to do with that. Size isn’t a barrier to the game- don’t treat it like it is.

Answer 7

You can but you won’t look good doing it

Absolutely, positively you can! Play, have fun! Anyone has issue with you having fun… To hell with them!

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