Calculate the pH after 0.020 mol HCl is added to 1.00 L of each of the four solutions below. Answer with the correct number of significant

determine the pH after 0.020 mol HCl is included with 1.00 L of each and every associated with the four solutions the following. Solution utilizing the proper wide range of considerable numbers.

description: venn drawing is graphic representation with of groups showing the connection between two finite units or things. the intersection element of two groups conveys the connection contained in between those units or things. within the venn drawing of sand and sodium two groups represent sand and sodium. however the location dropping beneath the intersection of the group presents the blend of sand and sodium. therefore, in a venn drawing the combination will likely to be put into a middle that’s among the intersection of two groups.

C) the rise in atmospheric stress pushes the wall space associated with the balloon outward therefore which makes it may be the response.hope i you.

a. what the law states of percentage says the mixture of 2 atoms in a particular proportion to create several substances for instance the provided declaration of concern ‘1st chemical includes 88.8 per cent cu ’ shows 88.8 g of cu occurs and 11.2 g air in 100 g of chemical whereas the declaration ‘2st chemical includes 79.9 per cent cu ’ shows 79.9 g of cu occurs and 20.1 g air in 100 g of chemical first chemical includes 88.8 g cu for cu m = 63 g /mol atomic per cent = 88.8 /63 = 1.42 for o m = 16 g /mol atomic per cent = 11.2 /16 = 0.7 b. the emperical formula of first chemical is cu1.4o0.7 cu2o

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A. burning up woodcombustion involves burning up some thing. make brainliest if proper

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