Calculate the number of molecules in 2.00 moles H2S?

Not sure how I would convert this example from moles to molecules. Could you help please?

We use the Avogrado’s number for this kind of problem. Since we’re only looking for the number of molecules, the solution will be quite straightforward.

Molecules of Hydrogen Sulfide:
= 2.00 mol * (6.022 x 10²³)
= 1.20 x 10²⁴ H₂S atoms (Answer)

Hope this helps!

Al2S3 + 6H2O –> 2Al(OH)3 + 3H2S Having the balanced equation describing the reaction, the subsequent step is calculating the type of moles. The molecular weight of Al2S3 is what a million mole of its molecules weighs. this can be the sum of the atomic weights of the atoms interior the molecule. For Al2S3, the burden could be 27*2 + 32*3 = a hundred and fifty grams in keeping with mole. hence 2 hundred grams could be 2 hundred grams / (a hundred and fifty grams/mole) = a million.333 moles. The sort of moles of water accessible is a hundred and fifty grams / (18 grams/mole) = 8.33 moles. Now, learn the molar ratios from the balanced equation. a million mole of Al2S3 demands 6 moles of H2O to sort 3 moles of H2S. From the calculations above, a million.333 moles Al2S3 could require 8 moles of water. There are 8.33 moles accessible, so there is extra desirable than sufficient to sort the product. The molar ratio of Al2S3 to H2S is a million to 3, so a million.33 moles will sort 4 moles of H2S. 4 moles of H2S weighs 4 moles * (34 grams/ mole) = 136 grams.

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1 mole = 6 x 10^23 molecules

Therefore 2.00 moles of H2S = 12 x 10^23 molecules

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