Calculate the Cl percentage in Al(ClO3)3?

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PLEASE Calculate the Cl percentage in Al(ClO3)3?

You have to look at a periodic table and at the relative molecular mass of all your substances in Al(ClO3)3.
Mr(Al) = 27 g/mol
Mr(Cl) = 35.5
Mr(O) = 16
So you have one Al, three Cl, and nine O’s in Al(ClO3)3, which would give it the molecular mass of 27 + (3 x 35.5) + (9 x 16) = 277.5 g/mol
The amount of chlorine in one mol is 3 x 35.5 = 106.5 g/mol

To work out the percentage of Cl you simply do this: 106.5/277.5 = 0.3837
0.468 x 100 = 38.4 %

we have : The molar mass of Al(ClO3)3 is: m = 27 + (35.5 + 16*3)*3 = 277.5 g

And The mass of Cl in there is:m(Cl) = 35.5*3 = 106.5 g

==> the Cl percentage in Al(ClO3)3 is: m(Cl) / m = 106.5 / 277.5 = 0.3838 = 38.38 %

Al Clo3 3

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Calculate the Cl percentage in Al(ClO3)3?

In chemistry, the term “Cl percentage” is used to describe the concentration of Cl- ions in a solution. In this article, we will learn how to calculate the Cl percentage in Al(ClO3)3 using the molarity and volume of each component.

What is the Cl Percentage?

The Cl percentage is a measure of the amount of chloride in a compound. It is calculated by taking the concentration of chloride and dividing it by the total concentration of the compound.

In the case of AlCl3, the Cl percentage is calculated as follows:

Cl percentage = (Cl concentration / Total concentration) %

How to Calculate the Cl Percentage in Al(ClO3)3?

The Cl percentage in Al(ClO3)3 is 23.08%.

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