Based on the table, which domains contain only one cell type?

Primarily based on the desk, which domains include just one cell kind? fungi and eukarya micro organism and archaea eukarya and fungi plantae and micro organism

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The reply to that is, micro organism and archaea.

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The proper reply is Micro organism and Archaea. A prokaryote is a unicellular organism (bacterium, cyanophyceae) that doesn’t have a nucleus. The DNA is round, normally distinctive and grouped in a nucleoid. This area incorporates the genetic materials, however just isn’t separated from the remainder of the cell. That is exactly what separates the prokaryote from the eukaryote. Archaea are prokaryotic unicellular microorganisms. Archaea, which regularly seem like micro organism, have lengthy been thought to be particular extremophile micro organism, till phylogenetic analysis on prokaryotes, begun in 19652, culminated within the publication in 1977 of a phylogenetic tree based mostly on the sequences of the ribosomal RNA genes of the organisms studied, a tree during which the prokaryotes have been break up into two distinct domains, that of the micro organism and that of the archaea.

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A, Micro organism, and Archaea.

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Micro organism and Archaea

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Micro organism and Fungi Clarification:

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unicellular Clarification: as a result of it has only one mobile

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