Based on maude’s actions in “a century ride,” what is most likely true about her values?

just took the Edge test the correct answer is B, Maude values athleticism because it leads to greater freedom

Explanation: “A Century Ride” is a story that showed up in the magazine “Excursion” of 1893. In that represented magazine, “A Century Ride” recounts to the narrative of Maude Mannering, a Little yellow-haired young lady, an effective alumni young lady in Medical Studies. She was a cyclist. She cherished cycling in spite of the fact that her family disliked the thought since she would have been a specialist, and she needed to take care of.

I think the answer is B

Based on the given excerpt from Anne Bradstreet’s “Before the Death of One of Her Children,” the evidence that supports the claim that religion was an important topic for colonial authors is: (God grant to yours and you). Hope this answer is able to help you.

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