Based on context clues, what is the best definition of the word ‘expendable’?

Primarily based on context clues, what’s the finest definition of the phrase “expendable”?

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Expendable can imply having little to no worth when in comparison with the massive image or one thing that is designed to solely be used as soon as after which destroyed. Since I haven’t got any context, I can not decipher which one it might be.

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Able to being sacrificed Rationalization: Context clues is a literary technique the place authors use their very own textual content to present a touch concerning the that means of a little-known phrase to the reader. Within the case proven within the textual content above, the creator left contextual clues to indicate the that means of the phrase “expendable”. It’s because one of many characters within the textual content states that he doesn’t thoughts going to a area that’s the heart of an Ebola epidemic, as a result of it’s expendable.
Ebola is a contagious and lethal illness, which is why, in accordance with the context, we will see that the phrase “expendable” refers to one thing that’s able to being sacrificed.

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expandable means to have the ability to enlarge, related meanings stretch, inflate. in a sentence. your checking account is extra expandable then mine. Rationalization:

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From the choices given, one of the best definition of the phrase “expendable” is the third one: able to being sacrificed. Rationalization: The phrase expendable referred to one thing of comparatively little significance, and due to this fact in a position to be deserted or destroyed. It’s referring to one thing that isn’t really mandatory.

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One wants to take a look at the details supplied. Everyone knows that Ebola could be very harmful, and likewise Jerry mentions that he didn’t cared what occurred to him, and what was vital was that he helps the folks affected by Ebola it doesn’t matter what occurs to him.  The one factor is that the folks do away with the Ebola virus. Nonetheless, he can die as properly. And this solely means he’s insignificant however solely seeing the variety of folks affected by it. Rationalization: The reply is self explanatory.

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The third possibility if im right

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Primarily based on context clues, what’s the finest definition of the phrase “expendable”? essential to an operationknowledgeable a couple of topiccapable of being sacrificeduseless in a selected state of affairs

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Of little significance and or signifiance

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The reply is “C) able to being sacrificed” which is one of the best definition of the phrase “expendable”. Within the passage, Jerry has instructed Nancy concerning the hazard of working with the Ebola virus in house, thus he additionally understands the hazard of it. By understanding the hazard of the state of affairs, Jerry grew to become able to sacrifice himself.

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The reply is the third possibility.

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