Bach reset many simple chorale melodies into complex works using

Bach reset many easy chorale melodies into complicated works utilizing a. stringed devices. b. latin. c. figured bass. d. a number of voices.

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Answei suppose its d is that this proper

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Hey! I am fairly certain that you just reply could be A figured bass. I am not fully certain about this reply although. I am actually sorry if that is flawed. Hope that you just move your take a look at. Figured bass is the right reply from what I do know although.

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A number of Voices

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A. A number of Voices – Throughout Bach’s time, a chorale was a refrain sung at
church cantata, often known as church hymns.  Bach borrowed these fashionable hymns and harmonized  the voice with accompanying
alto, tenor, and bass voices. To this, he crammed out the four-part
harmonies with the textual content of the hymn and the top product
could be known as a chorale.

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A. a number of voices i consider

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