B) how many hydrogen atoms are in an acyclic alkane with 16 carbon atoms?

In present case, n = 16.∴, Number of H atom = (2X16)+2 = 34

156 Hydrogen atoms Explanation: Any acyclic alkane has a molecular formula that can be expressed as: CₙH₂ₙ₊₂ Where n is any integer and the number of carbon atoms. For example, Propane has 3 carbon atoms, this means it would have [2*3+2] 8 hydrogen atoms, resulting with a formula of C₃H₈. An acyclic alkane with 77 carbon atoms would thus have: 2*77 + 2 = 156 hydrogen atoms

Acyclic alkanes can be straight chain or branch.so if we utilise the general formula for alkanes(excluding cycloalkanes) CnH(2n+2) we can get the number of hydrogen atoms for a 5carbon atom acyclic all and to be 2(5)+2=12

CnH₂n₊₂ As,                                               n  =  15So,                                              C₁₅H₂₍₁₅₎₊₂                                               C₁₅H₃₀₊₂                                               C₁₅H₃₂Result:          There are 32 Hydrogen atoms in an Acyclic Alkane with 15 Carbon Atoms.

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Answer 6

Th answer is 18 for 7 carbon atoms

Answer 7

When n = 8 : Number of hydrogen atoms = 2n + 2 = 18

You will have 34 hydrogen atoms

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