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As a high school student, you’re no doubt used to writing essays. But what about shorter pieces of writing, like report cards or project summaries? In this Assignment, we’re going to give you a wordsworth graphic organizer to help make the process of writing shorter pieces a little bit easier.

Literature Review

In this assignment, you will be reviewing the works of William Wordsworth. You will be completing a graphic organizer in order to better understand and analyze his work.

The first step in this project is to read and analyze two of Wordsworth’s poems, “Tintern Abbey” and “Daffodils.” In these poems, you will be able to see how Wordsworth uses a variety of poetic devices to convey his thoughts and feelings. Specifically, you will be exploring how he employs imagery, sound, repetition, and syntax to create a powerful narrative.

After reading these two poems, you should also begin preparing your graphic organizer. In it, you will put together all the information you gathered from the readings in order to create a cohesive whole. This includes describing Wordsworth’s use of poetic devices, analyzing the themes and messages of the poems, and reflecting on your own reaction to them.

Once your graphic organizer is complete, you can begin working on analyzing another poem by Wordsworth, “The Prelude.” This poem is much longer than the other two and contains a greater variety of poetic devices. As such, it will take longer to complete your analysis

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Description of Wordsworth’s Poetry

Wordsworth is known for his poetry that explores the human experience in a deep and personal way. His poems are often about nature, love, and the natural world.

One of the most distinctive features of Wordsworth’s poetry is its use of visual images. He often uses images to convey a sense of emotional depth and universality. For example, in “Tintern Abbey,” he describes a valley full of green trees and shimmering streams:

The bright sun was sinking behind the hills;
The purple shadows of the woods deepened;
The twilight was falling fast; but round The valley, on every side, The view was still and beautiful.

This image conveys a sense of peace and tranquility that is characteristic of Wordsworth’s poetry. It is also an effective image because it is simple and easy to understand. By using effective images like this, Wordsworth can communicate complex emotions with ease.

Wordsworth’s use of language also contributes to his unique style. He often uses short, choppy lines that create a sense of urgency and energy in his poems. This makes his poems feel alive and dynamic.

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Analysis of Poems

One of the main goals of studying poetry is to gain a deeper understanding of the author’s thoughts and emotions. One way to do this is to analyze poems one by one. In this assignment, you will be analyzing one of William Wordsworth’s poems, “Tintern Abbey.”

To begin, it is important to understand what Wordsworth was trying to say with this poem. He was trying to expound on the concept of nature and how it can give hope and inspiration to people. He does this by contrasting two different aspects of nature: the natural world outside and the natural world within.

The natural world outside is full of danger and harshness. It is a place where humans are constantly struggling against their foes. The natural world within, however, is peaceful and gentle. It is a place where humans can connect with their inner selves.

Another important theme that Wordsworth explores in this poem is love. He talks about how love can heal wounds and bring people together. He also talks about how love can be powerful enough to overcome great adversity.


In this assignment, you will be working with a partner to create a wordsworth graphic organizer. The goal of the graphic organizer is to provide students with an introduction to key elements of the poet’s work, as well as an opportunity to connect those elements and produce a larger body of work. You will need to use at least two sources in order to complete the task. Feel free to explore other resources while working on the graphic organizer; it is important that you come up with your own ideas and interpretations rather than simply following along with what is provided. Be sure to submit your completed graphic organizer no later than Friday, June 12th.

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Q. What theme is Wordsworth addressing with the “Intimations of Immortality” poem?
A. The “Intimations of Immortality” poem is a meditation on the nature of human life and its potential.

Wordsworth addresses the idea of human mortality in the poem, exploring how we can perceive our own lives in an eternal sense. He writes about how humans are constantly surrounded by death and decay, but still cling to hope for a future beyond this life. In doing so, Wordsworth reflects on the human experience and its highs and lows.

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