Asezual reproduction results in greater reproductive success than does sexual reproduction when: a. pathogens are rapidly diversifying

d. a species is within steady and positive conditions. Explanation: Asexual reproduction is a mode of reproduction which is often noticed in the easy organisms. One system give delivery to a lot of offsprings. This method doesn’t needs mates and gamete development. The intimate mode of reproduction requires two moms and dads of opposite gender. This method calls for gamete development. If the gametes of opposite gender fuse collectively they form a zygote which will be a precursor of the latest offspring. Asexual reproduction leads to better reproductive success than intimate reproduction because procedure doesn’t need mates to provide delivery into the offsprings. However the asexually reproducing organisms calls for steady and positive conditions for creation of large numbers of offsprings. In the event that outside ecological problems tend to be bad the system wont endure and replicate. Hence the reproductive success will decrease.

Whenever a species is within a reliable and positive conditions.

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