“Art is a Bang!”?

What’s Deidara means???

“art is a bang” is deidara’s view of art.his partner sasori says “art is something that never rots or fades” but deidara always disagrees with him and they are always fighting about what art is.
i hope this is the answer to your question.

Well, literally yes, it does exactly how he says it. Deidara molds his chakra into his clay which makes it highly explosive. Not only that, but he can make it explode on command which makes him a very good Long Distance fighter. His abilities are clearly seen in his fight with Gaara in the City of the Desert.
Check the source link below and you can view his character profile.

For me, that phrase doesn’t really mean “art is something that explodes (literally)”. It could mean “art is something really magnificent, it blows up people’s mind”.
Believe me or not, but this phrase is actually used in real life! The originator for this catchphrase was a Japanese artist named Taro Okamoto. Deidara was based solely on this man, even his bombs and creations are similar to Okamoto’s arts.
I don’t have the link to his full biography (I had read it once, including the pictures of his arts which really look like Deidara’s but I forgot where), but this has some info if you’re interested:
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It’s a pun. His little clay sculptures explode. Get it? Art is a “bang”?

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