Are there any songs about parents fighting (a broken home)?

Family Portrait- Pink

Family Portrait by Pink and Because of You by Kelly Clarkson and then the obvious one, Broken Home by Papa Roach. I’m not sure if these have been mentioned, but hope they help.

My parents fight a lot, and the three main songs I listen to when they do are “Little Toy Guns” by Carrie Underwood, “Broken Home” by 5 Seconds Of Summer, and “Kids In The Dark” by All Time Low.

Well its not exactly about a broken home its about ᴘʀᴇтᴇᴇɴs and running away Ludacris Feat. Mary J Blidge-Runaway love…I cried on christmas when i first heard it.
Also, Pink-Family Portiart

I definately agree, Stay together for the kids by Blink 182 it’s perfect. Or Wonderful by Everclear. Both fabulous songs.

Answer 6

theres a song that came out in the 90’s called “mother, mother” but i forget who sang it and i absolutely loved that song

jsut found out its sung by tracey bonham but i dotn think its about a broken home so i dont know what i was thinking while listening to it lol when i was young teen lol

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Answer 7

By: John Michael Montgomery

It’s a country song

Hope this helps,
Would rather be deer hunting

Broken Home-Papa Roach

Stay together for the kids- Blink182

I think thats exactly what your looking for
the video is also very good/emotional

EDIT- Isla, you keep editing yours after everyone puts new ones on, shes asking for a lot of different ones, not you repeating the ones everyone else said

i know this song does not relate but it is abut a girl who ran away Nobody’s home by Avril lavigne


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