are the beginning link in a food chain whileare at the end of the chain​

are the beginning link in a food chain whileare at the end of the chain​

Producers are the beginning link in a food chain, while decomposers are at the end of the chain. Explanation: The food chain, in simple terms, is a sequence in which nutrients and energy are passing from one organism to another through ‘predation’. Producers are the organisms that produce their own food, they are also known as autotrophs. An example of this group of organisms is plants. Then, producers are eaten by primary consumers, e.g. herbivores. Then, these organisms will be eaten by secondary consumers, which are carnivores. These (usually small) carnivores will be consumed by terciary consumers, which could be larger but are not yet considered apex predators, for example an eagle. Then, quaternary consumers, or apex predators, will eat these carnivores. We could say this is the end of the food chain. However, this is not the case. Decomposers are organisms that feed on decaying matter and break down dead organic material. Examples are some species of bacteria, fungi, worms. It is important to highlight that some researchers locate these organisms in a separate ‘individual’ trophic level because they can consume residues of plants or residues of predators. However, generally, they are considered the end of the chain or the ‘cleaners’ of the chain.

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The given statement is True. Food chain can be described as the sequence of transfer of energy and matter among different organisms present within an ecosystem. It starts with producers ( occupying the first trophic level), which are consumed by consumers in a successive manner ( primary consumer→ secondary consumers→ tertiary consumer or decomposers). Therefore, producers are beginning link in a food chain whereas decomposers occupy the last level in a food chain.

heyooo!! Producers are the beginning link in a food chain while decomposes are at the end of the chain hope this helps!! Explanation: producers are what start any and every food chain, without the producers the primary consumers wouldn’t be able eat. decomposes are at the end of a chain because they eat what ever consumer dies off.

producers are the beginning and decomposers are the end Explanation:

The producers are on the bottom because they feed everything else and tertiary consumers are on the top (they eat everything)

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