are talk shows with actors scripted?

You know talk shows like ellen, jimmy kimmel, jay leno, etc. When they have actors there are they scripted? Because although the conversation seems easy going and natural, the actors are a little too quick to respond; like they know what they’re about to be asked. Usually when a person is asked a question, they take a moment to ponder it, but in some of the ones i’ve seem the actors have an answer immediately.

“Scripted” may not be the right word to describe it, but it’s definitely not spontaneous. The celebrity and the host (or the host’s staff) have a “pre-interview” before the show is taped, where they hash out what questions are going to be asked, and what answers to expect. So to say the interviews we see are “scripted” wouldn’t be accurate, but rather, the interviews are rehearsed and prepared.

Everything on tv is scripted, even reality shows.
For talk shows, they already know which questions will be asked so they have an answer ready and no surprises, although some hosts do throw in a question here and there for reaction.

Talk shows are scripted. My neighbor’s son was on Dr. Phil w/his girlfriend. My neighbor was so embarrassed she didn’t want anyone to know. I know a writer for Letterman’s show. (S. O’Donnell – not there anymore. I went to college w/his sister.) Yep, Dave knows everything that will happen. Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but David knows.

No **** they’re scripted. Thats like asking if Martin Luther King was albino

Yes they are☺

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