Are M&Ms suitable for vegetarians?

Do they still have rennet in them?

So I’ve been intrigued by this question and did some more searching. Please follow this link to find more about Mars candy. Apparently Mars did change their recipes but due to overwhelming negative feedback, they switched to rennet free recipes. Reading through the comments, the Vegetarian Society submitted a post that should be read.
I heard years ago from a friend that was Jewish that the M is made of gelatin. I have no idea if this is true. But gelatin is not listed in the ingredients.
However, I would be concerned with the refined sugar used in M&Ms, most refined sugar is processed using charred animal bones. Organic sugar is the way to go if you are vegan or vegetarian. Try some of the yummy organic chocolates and sweet snacks in bulk or on shelves at stores.

I’m a 53 year old vegetarian and have never heard of M&M’s containing rennet. Rennet is an extremely expensive enzyme from the stomach of veal calves (it’s a slaughter product). It is used primarily in the cheese making process and little else.
It’s so expensive it’s sold by the ounce like gold. So I doubt they would put it in candy because it would serve no purpose (M&M’s don’t contain cheese) and it would probably double the price of a package of candies.
I would worry more about some of the colorings they use.

M And Ms Vegetarian

Weird, isn’t it? And yet at Christmas I bought a packet of Walkers special edition crisps – think it was white wine & mushroom, or something. Sounds disgusting, but it was Christmas! Anyway, for once I didn’t check the packet, and when I got it home I realised that it didn’t say suitable for vegetarians. Can’t remember what the ingredient was now. Anyway, I emailed Walkers to ask why but got no useful response, just a list of their products that are suitable for vegetarians.

I wish people providing answers wouldnt just guess. No they arent vegetarian. Look up E120. Its a red dye from crushed insects. Also the company aren’t concerned with where they source their ingredients on many products. Its safest to avoid their entire product range. They certainly dont like to make it clear on their packaging.

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Sadly, the coloring they use in most candies have animal products. I know that the colored chells of M&Ms do, which is quite depressing because i love them! I tried giving them up too but I have slipped a couple of times.

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They are safe to eat for vegetarians, although I boycott Mars candy because they do extremely cruel animal testing.

i’d say skip them. they have no nutritional value. if you have a sugar craving try some baby carrots instead.

Not if you’re a Vegan


They are not for Vegetarians. They are made with Dolphin JlZZ.

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