Are dmv workers trained to be rude?

no they’re not trained to be rude.. they’re trained to be a$$holes….
yes theres a difference

No, but they have no incentive to treat customers nicely either. It is almost impossible to fire a government worker! You also have the situation where some get the “because I say so” syndrome. I can not count how many times a DMV employee has told me wrong information.
They are not trained to be rude, but they are not trained to be consumer friendly either!!

I manage the DMV on a weekly foundation putting leans on vehicles for artwork being executed. I actually have observed that they are somewhat rude, yet underpaid NO they make somewhat good funds doing this person-friendly pastime. i’d say it truly is a authority ingredient.provide them a touch and they take 5 miles. They recognize you ought to target this so why make it exciting???? I now have my personal lien processing I do myself because of the idiots on the DMV – and that i also get my personal tags on-line.

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No they are not trained…they are like that in life. the DMV hires those type of people because it’s a-s-s-h-o-l-e-s hiring a-s-s-h-o-l-e-s.
“O” Wise One…….knows

From there side imagine public at large not knowing why they even there! trying to get drivers licenses. Sounds like a thankless job so just cool your jets and wait patiently

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Geee i thought i was the only one. I guess if you dealt with people all day long you would be mean too. Children running around, crying babies, idiots. Ugh i would be a total ***** too.

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No, there is no such thing. However, if you describe what happened exactly and what they did that makes them rude, then you might be able to obtain a more accurate response.
So .. did you pass or not ?

No, they are not, they are conditioned to be rude by idiots and the dregs of society who cannont maintain a valid drivers license

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They work all day long in a place full of grumpy impatient people. If you were in their shoes you would be the same way. Everyone has their days.


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