Aol profiles? Do they exist anymore?

How do I access my aol profile? How do I make sure that personal information about me doesn’t appear on an email I send from my aol mail box?

aol profiles do exist. u need to install aol software to be able to access an aol profile( profile as in the cool/cute/profiles with pics and all that)
as far as accessing the mail box portion of aol, as long as u still remember ur aol log in(id and password) all u need is to go to
sign in and check ur mail

WARING: aol messes up with ur computer. aol is really bad.

Old Aol Profiles

I have had AOL for 15 years and they made the profiles so complicated to find I just quit looking for them. I check all 7 of my screen name e-mails on Yahoo, Google Chrome, Safari, SRiron, and Cometbird. I hardly ever use AOL any. I love AOL mail. I can copy and paste a photo in AOL mail and it uploads and sends it.
When the person opens the mail the photo is there nothing to download. That even works when I send to a cell phone.

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You need to download AOL software and install on your computer.
then you can work on your profiles.
best chatting = AOL

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