Anybody else think it seems like you go on those online casinos and sometimes are really hittin and then other times getting your asss burnt?

There is no consistency in the game play. 

Online casinos are essentially a pay-for-a-lightshow, especially online slots and blackjack.  Online slots are for idiots and online blackjack controls would-be card counters by reshuffling after every hand.  This gives the casino about a four per cent advantage — too much for a pro to consider for even a millisecond.

Having a gambling problem can be a frightening experience. Gambling, like many other addictions, is a disorder, and until you… If not sports, it was poker, then horse racing, and finally online casinos. I had reached rock bottom in terms of losing a lot of money a couple of times, but I was one of the lucky ones…

That’s…what randomness is?

Just like gambling, huh?

That’s kind of how gambling works, online or not.

Answer 6

Can’t say based on my own experience as I do not play at virtual casinos.
If I am going to gamble, it’s at a physical casino with actual cards being dealt to me.

Answer 7

That’s…what randomness is?

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