Any songs about being heartless?

Does anyone have a good song or two about being heartless or emotionally detached? I’m kind of feeling this now, and it would be great to have some music I can relate to. I’m mostly into pop punk, but anything else besides rap would be fine.

Escape by Muse
Given Up by Linkin Park
I Do Not Want This by Nine Inch Nails
Let The Lord Shine A Light On Me by Noel Gallagher
No Regrets by Robbie Williams
Killing Me by Robbie Williams
On Your Own by The Verve

Heartless by Kanye West

Emergency- Paramore
Ignorance- Paramore

Try Heavy Prey by Lacey Sturm, try some Evanescence songs like the Change, and their cover of Korn’s song Thoughtless, also try the original by Korn

Nothing Else Matters by Metallica

Answer 6

Assassin – John Mayer
Perfect Lonely – John Mayer
Take it how you want it – Self against city
Lets get ****** up and die – motion city soundtrack
Hate me – Blue October
shake me down – cage the elephant

Answer 7

Unhearted by automatic loveletter, the lead singer was actually in an all time low song :))

Kanye West Heartless :))

Simple plan you don’t mean anything
Simple plan you suck at love
blink82-i’m sorry
Angles on the moon-thrivoring ivory
thats all i know


i dont know any song about being heartless but you might want to try techno,screamo,electronic dance music,dubstep genre.. it might mix your mood swing.but for me if i’am feeling down i would listen to screamo and dubstep genre..

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