ANALOGRAMS!!!!!!! (if you already tried to answer this is#20:Pitcher is to catcher as _is to _?

If your up to it, fill up these blanks usiing the following words

1. Ankle is to foot as_ wrist is to_hand
2.Flock is to bird as _school is to_fish
3.Curb is to street as_bank is to_river
4.Baker is to dougn as_potter is to_clay
5.Worm is to fishhook as_cheese is to_mousetrap
6.wand it to magician as _baton is to_conductor
7.see is to saw as_bear is to_bore
8.Static is to radio as_ snow is to _television
9.Racket is to court as_ bat is to_diamond
10.Crow is to rooster as_ is to_
11Car is to garage as_ airplane is to_hangar
12.Cup is to golf as_run is to_wolf
13.Sergeant is to Estrange as _ general is to_enlarge
14.Pig is to snout as_duck is to_bill
15.Crack is to china as _ is to _
16.Flake is to snow as_drop is to_rain
17.Pea is to queue as_tea is to _you
18.Razor is to Beard as_scythe is to_weed
19. Wonder is to underway as_wrecks is to_ Xray
Pitcher is to catcher as _callbox is to_pillbox
that’s the best I could do , maybe Ill come back later .

1) wrist is to hand
2)school is to fish
3)bank is to river
4) potter is to clay
5)cheese is to mousetrap
6)baton is to conductor
7)bear is to bore
8)snow is to television
9)bat is to diamond
10) bay is to wolf
11)airplane is to hangar
12)pocket is to pool
13)Enlarge is to general
14) bill is to duck
15)run is to stocking
16)drop is to rain
17) tea is to you
18)scythe is to weeds
19) wrecks is to Xray
Pitcher is to catcher as pillbox is to callbox

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