anal bleaching gone wrong HELP PLEASE?

So the other day i went to my waxer and got my ɑɲυꜱ bleached for my boyfriend for valentines day. and i regret it. my вυŧŧ really burns now and like its all red NOT WHITE! can you help, my best friend told me to put neosporin on it but it doesn’t help !

First of all, you should have seen a dermatologist to do this. ąղąӀ bleaching is NOT an immediate process! It takes quite a while to bleach the skin without causing the reaction you are experiencing. NOT a smart move.
First, I’d ask for my money back–NOW! This process should be done only by a dermatologist or under the auspices of a physician. You have a chemical burn–and it can be serious! They should also think about pulling the license of whoever tried to do this in one application.
Second, I’d buy some aloe vera gel, which is good for burns, skin rashes and irritation. In this case, I’d spring for an aloe vera plant, because you will get the REAL stuff–not a watered down version of aloe vera. Get a plant–about $5–and pinch a leaf from the plant. Slit it open, and apply the gel directly to the area. It will help soothe and heal it.
Third, you might also try A&D Ointment, Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment, Balmex, or other baby ointment made especially for baby ßυʈʈꜱ and scalded skin. A pharmacist also may be able to help you.
Fourth, if none of these work within a day or so, see a doctor!

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keep using neosporin, it will take few days

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