An optimal tax on pollution would result in which of the following?

An optimal tax on pollution would result in which of the following? The value to consumers at market equilibrium will exceed the social cost of production. Producers will choose not to produce any pollution. Producers will internalize the cost of the pollution. Producers will overproduce pollution. An optimal taxation on air pollution would cause which with the after? The worthiness to customers at markets balance will surpass the personal price of creation. Manufacturers will select not to ever develop any air pollution. Manufacturers will internalize the price of the air pollution. Manufacturers will overproduce air pollution.
Will likely Internalize The Price Of The Contamination) because
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don’t have any power over in which air pollution occurs.

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air pollution. The buying price of air pollution will likely then end up being dependant on the
Polluters shall be obligated to internalize environmentally friendly expenses of
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