Alright you vocab geeks, is “argumentably” a word?

I sure hope it is. I use it, and hear it used, enough that it should be. But the reason I’m asking is because I’m writing a paper and used the word “argumentably” and Word said it was a misspelling. They suggested “Argument ably.” So I started looking in dictionaries and can’t seem to find it. If you know it IS a word, please provide a source.

It is not a proper word, however it has evolved into a word used commonly. The word you probably want to use is “arguably” which is the adjectival form of the word “arguable.” “arguable” means something that is open to argument. For instance “‘Argumentably’ is arguably a word.”

No, it is not a word. The spell check is coming up with “argument ably” because it is assuming you forgot to put a space between two different words. Ably means “in an able manner; with skill or ability; competently.”
“Argumentable” and “arguably” are real words, however.
There is also a similar word….”argumentatively.”

Arguably is probably a better word choice compared to argumentably.
Arguably -> the base word is argue (verb)
Argumentably -> the base word is argument (noun)
Arguably means “open to arguments”.

I know it IS not a word. Arguably, and argumentatively are words, and sound similar. Perhaps you are thinking of one of those.

No, it is not a word. The proper word to use instead is “arguably” which simply means “susceptible to debate, challenge or doubt”.

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Can’t find it anywhere, sorry. Kind of like the word “supposably” guys at work used to use…made me crack up!


thanks for the correction. there is no such word as “argumentably.” should be arguably or argumentatively


if it’s used and it exists.. it’s a word.

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