Allowed to sell something labeled “Not For Individual Sale”?

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Personal example: I recently stumbled upon a site that sells authentic brand name cosmetics for much less. I know that they are 100% authentic and I don’t know how they stock their items for such a cheap price. (That’s not the point though.)

The problem isn’t that you cannot “sell” them, but rather you cannot “retail” them in the sense that a merchant in that field would have to follow other regulations for consumer protection.

For example, and maybe what WRG was suggesting, you may have some cosmetics or food for which retail labels must include various regulatory information (ingredients, certifications, warnings, instructions, etc), and the bulk package is labeled but not the individual packages, which are therefore “not for individual resale.”

If you are not enɡɑɡed in the business of selling these things, there is probably very little the regulators can do to stop you from selling your own personal stash of “individual” units.

Not For Individual Sale

If something is packaged no longer for person sale then definite you would be breaking the regulation. that’s extremely hardly that the police could arrest you for this. even however breaking the regulation is breaking the regulation. In those situations the only time somebody is regularly arrested is while they sell something labeled in this style is while the sell the products on a huge scale.

The ‘Not for individual sale’ tag relates to the situation between the company and THEIR direct customers. If you bought the items somehow, you can resell them. The only one getting in trouble would be the person who sold them to you, the manufacturer might stop selling to them.

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In general, once you have bought a physical product, you cannot be restricted in your future sale or use. That’s why you don’t ‘buy’ software, you merely license it.

No it isn’t legal. Unless they add back the required label information that is missing. You will see this from time to time on soft drinks that are being sold individually instead of a package. The have an additional stick on lable.

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I didn’t think it was legal to sell those items. However, they may have a contract with the company to be able to move older sample packs after the company comes out with new product sample lines. I don’t know, just guess.

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I think there is no harm. They have extra stock which they want to clear. As you say this company is good and don’t sell poor quality products, you can try those products for low cost as well.

The companiy wants to act cutesy as though there are the coutnry /state laws
in which u the consumer can not break.

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Allowed to sell something labeled “Not For Individual Sale”?

Are you selling something that’s labeled “Not For Individual Sale” on your Etsy shop? If so, you might be in for a bit of a surprise. According to Etsy, this type of product is still eligible for sales and will be processed as such. However, you’ll need to make sure that your item meets all the requirements outlined on their website in order to sell it this way.

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What is an

An item that is labeled “Not For Individual Sale” can be sold to a store, or given as a gift. This label indicates that the item is not meant for individual use and should only be used by the store or person who received it as a gift.

Can I sell an

item that is labeled “Not For Individual Sale”?

Yes, you can sell an item that is labeled “Not For Individual Sale.” In fact, there are a few reasons why you might choose to do this.

One reason is that you may want to sell the item to a specific person who can’t buy it for personal use. For example, you may be selling an item that is part of a set that you need to complete your costume for a party. Selling the individual pieces of the set isn’t allowed, but selling the complete set is allowed.

Another reason is that you may have some leftover inventory and you don’t want to keep it on hand for personal use. Selling the items labeled “Not For Individual Sale” allows you to get rid of them faster and free up space in your store.

What do I need to do to ensure my

artistic work is not labeled “Not for Individual Sale?”

There are a few things you can do to make sure that your artistic work is not labeled “Not for Individual Sale.” The first and most important thing is to make sure that the artwork is properly copyrighted. If your artwork is properly copyrighted, then you can be sure that it will be protected from being labeled “Not for Individual Sale.” Secondly, make sure that your artwork is not obscene or offensive. This means that your artwork should not contain nudity, explicit violence, or any other material which may be considered inappropriate by some viewers. Finally, make sure that the artwork is not libelous or slanderous. This means that your artwork should not attack or libel another person or organization.

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If you follow these guidelines, you will ensure that your artwork is not labeled “Not for Individual Sale.”


It can be tough to know exactly where you stand with regards to selling items that are labeled “Not For Individual Sale.” In general, it is legal to sell items that are not for individual sale if they are being sold in a commercial setting (like at a shop or flea market). However, there may be restrictions in place depending on the location. If you’re Unsure of the legality of selling something that’s labeled “Not For Individual Sale,” it’s best to check with your local government or business association.

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