All the elizabethan songs were decorative and elaborate. true false

All of the elizabethan songs have been ornamental and elaborate. true false

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false Rationalization:     The Elizabethan interval in England is what includes the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603), thought of the golden age of English historical past. It’s the peak of the renaissance in that nation, with the best highlights for literature and poetry.     In the course of the sixteenth century, composers turned more and more occupied with writing music for devices – not simply dances, however items meant to be merely performed and performed. The devices have been divided into two massive teams: the bas (“low” or “delicate”) devices, meant for dwelling music, and the haut (“loud”), to be performed in church buildings, massive halls or within the open. Just a few belonged to each classes. Sure devices, similar to charamels, flutes, and a few sorts of medieval bugles, remained well-liked; others have been modified and perfected; and plenty of have been invented: Lute, Violas, Cromorne, Cervelato, Sacabuxa, Trumpet and Percussion Devices.     The Elizabethans designated a gaggle of devices enjoying collectively by consort (that means phrase much like “covenant”). When the devices have been from the identical household, there was a complete consort, and once they have been from totally different households, a damaged consort, for the reason that uniformity of the sounds was “damaged”.

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That’s false

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The reply is fake.

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No, that assertion is fake.

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