All that avails is flight, what does this mean?

What does this quote mean?

It means ‘run for it’
In some cases it isn’t practical to stay a fight

It depends on how you interpret it, considering how it s not entirely specific to a meaning. To avail means to take advantage of an opportunity or help/benefit. Flight is likely to be taken figuratively, which again can be interpreted many ways. What people interpret this quote to mean can on the person and their values. Logically, one thing this quote implies is that the only thing that can help is “flight.” According to the Oxford dictionary, flight has a huge amount of meanings.
Reasonably this quote could mean that the only thing that can help is to fly away or retreat. It s not illogical to sync other meanings in relation to this quote, but this is the one that fits the context the best.

”He who fights then runs away, lives to fight another day.”

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escape while you can

Time to leave,as the consequences of staying are not good.
From Homer’s ‘Odyssey’ where Odysseus and his crew must manoeuvre their ship between the whirlpool Charbydis and the sea monster Scylla – so fierce that there is no way to fight it,so “all that avails is flight”

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