Acloth woven with a raised design is called

Acloth woven with a raised design is named

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Pennsylvania’s Philadelphia, and Germantown Clarification: do not know do not care jk if I’ve a rationalization soo yeet

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1. A   2. D  4. C  5. D    6. B   7.B  9. C 10. A  11. B  12. A  13.D  14. A  15. C  16. B  17. B  18. C  19. B  20. D   21. B  22. A   23. B  24. C   25. D   26. B   27. D  28.  C     29. A  30. D  32. D i hope this helps and for future refrense put it within the search bar it will be simpler thanks

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1]central america federation 2]Pan-American freeway 4]unicameral 5]molas 6]gatun 7]tikal 8]in central america 9]the canal was constructed to sea degree, permitting ocean water to fill the canal 10]panama metropolis 11]gran colombia 12]Vasco Nunez de Balboa 13]culebra lower 14]Mitch 15]Lempira 16]due to one illness

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reply: hola rationalization:

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B) and D) hope this helped!

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i feel a and b is the reply

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The reply is B! “It was embellished with porcupine quills, glass beads, and hair.”

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Africa, England, Britain are the solutions, Hope this helps love

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D-it was designed utilizing glass beads that have been acquired by means of commerce with settlers these are the solutions, i even double checked to verify Hope this helps!

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