According to the monk’s stories, what common trait do hercules and samson share?

Each have a unprecedented drive, given by divine energy. Hercules had twelve jobs, and one was to kill a lion, through which case he strangled. Samson additionally killed a lion along with his naked arms, and he ate honey from the leftover carcass.
Furthermore each Samson and Hercules gave up their divine energy, for an strange girl with out specialties.
Lastly, their story is stuffed with scenes through which each clear up puzzles. Samson additionally suggests a number of puzzles.

The reply is D. on apex Rationalization:

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Each Hercules and Samson have superhuman power

Hope this helps

I do imagine the reply is D. they each possessed unmatched power. Hope that this helps and good luck.

Each had extraordinary power

The widespread trait that’s shared between Hercules and Samson is power. Some similarities being possessed by the 2 heroes are – their involvement with a god whom they’ve possessed their powers from, killed a lion, did not hold their first wives, confronted by demise due to a lady however selected demise over love.

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Each Hercules and Samson have superhuman power

Energy. Additionally, they each killed a lion, got their powers from a “god”, and confronted demise due to a lady.

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