A Song of the English

1 is D and a pair of is D for ploto customers solely

I consider the right solutions are 1. Goodly that means (D) admirable;
and a pair of. “evil counselors” that means (D)rulers.   Within the poem “The Tune of English” written by Rudyard
Kipling, the underlined theme is that English individuals are chosen from God (“He
hath made the deep as dry, He hath smote for us a pathway to the ends of all
the Earth!”) so long as they abide His Regulation, which is why he states that their
heritage is admirable (“O goodly is our heritage! (Humble ye, my folks, and be
fearful in your mirth!) For the Lord our God Most Excessive”). However, English folks
sinned, led by rulers who strayed out of righteous path. Because the rulers are
ones to steer the folks, he calls them “evil counselors”.

What are you asking? Rationalization:

a- Goodly is admirable b- Evil counsellors refers to rulers Rationalization: Within the Tune of the English, Kipling addresses the British folks
to inform them they  are the chosen ones below the Lord. Due to this fact ,“O goodly is our heritage!”means their heritage is admirable.   This future will solely come true as long as they obey the Regulation. However he  explains “our rulers went from righteousness” and “had been guided by evil counsellors” that means these rulers or counsellors led them astray.

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