a rigid tank whose volume is unknown is divided into two parts by a partition. THERMODYNAMICS HELP!!!!?

One area of the container consists of a perfect fuel at 927 levels Celsius. Others part was exhausted possesses a volume double the dimensions of the parts that contain the fuel. The partitions is currently got rid of therefore the fuel grows to complete the complete container. Heating is currently put on the fuel till the stress equals the original stress. Determine the ultimate heat for the fuel. Be sure to assist we do not know very well what to accomplish at all=/
Ti = 927 deg. C = 1200 K
Pf = P
i don’t understand if you include knowledgeable about 2d level equations so im supplying a much less complex address simply separate 1512 into issue: 1512=2x2x2x3x3x3x7 today, you need to increase a lot of them the other more as a compliment of obtain the amount seventy 8 personal event; effort 2x2x2x3=24 therefore the finally 3x3x7=sixty 3 and u do not become seventy 8 besides, after some attempts you will discover 2x2x3x3=36 therefore the finally 2x3x7=40 2 having the amount seventy 8 and so the nrs include 40 2 and 36 this issue is undoubtedly fixed with 2d level equations” let the earliest nr be x therefore the 2d be seventy 8-x you need x*(seventy 8-x)=1512 78x-x^2-1512=0 or x^2-78x+1512=0. after that you go on making use of system, if you realize it

Pi = P
Vf/Ti = Vf/Tf

Tf = 1200*(3)

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