A researcher wants to do a web-based survey of college students to collect information about their sexual behavior and drug use. Direct

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A researcher wants to do a web-based survey of college students to collect information about their sexual behavior and drug use. Direct identifiers will not be collected; however, IP addresses may be present in the data set. Risk of harm should be evaluated by: both the magnitude (or severity) and the probability (or likelihood) of harm. Explanation: Definition of risk : Probability of harm x magnitude of harm Typology : Low probability, high-consequence risks High-probability, low-consequence risksNatural vs home-made risksVoluntary vs involuntary risks Risk assessment uses facts and assumptions to estimate probability of ahrm from haardous evets and conditions. Risk management depends on socio-economic and political factors as well as the adequacy of scientific evidence. Hazard and risk have geographical aspects.

Magnitude and probability. Explanation: The risk of harm is measured on the basis of the probability and the magnitude. Magnitude is defined as the extent of severity to risk and probability is the approximate likelihood of harm happening. Together the magnitude and probability judge the occurrence of the harm that can happen in any particular case. The situation mentioned in the question describes about the chances involved in the research which can cause risk of harm.

Both the magnitude( severity ) and the probability (or likelihood ) of harm   Explanation:
A web survey is called an internet survey that is used to collect information about the subjects or collect the data through the internet. In this process, the researcher sent a questionnaire to the respondent on the internet. Through the internet, they can collect data over the world. The respondent can be sent their respondent through the internet, mails, website, and social media.   This is the best way to collect information at a big level.

C Explanation: Both the magnitude (or severity) and the probability (or likelihood) of harm.

magnitude and the probability of it occurring Explanation: In every single study that involves an individuals risk of self-harm there are two variables that need to be evaluated, and those are the magnitude and the probability of it occurring. In other words how likely is the individual to hurt themselves and if they do, to what extent (physical, emotional, death). By evaluating this can allow you to take action if things get to serious, or even prevent something from happening that can lead that person that is at risk from hurting themselves.

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Send data in a TCP / IP network Further Explanation IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) could even be a series of binary numbers between 32 bits to 128 bits that are used as identification addresses for every host computer within the online network. The length of this number is 32 bits , and 128 bits  which shows the address of the pc on a TCP / IP-based Internet network. Sending data in an exceedingly TCP / IP network supported the IP address of the sending and receiving computers. IP address has two parts, namely the network address (network address) and also the address of the local computer (host address) in an exceedingly network. This information are often known by combining IP addresses with 32 bit subnet mask numbers. IP addresses have several classes supported their capacity, namely Class A with a capacity of quite 16 million computers, Class B with a capacity of quite 65 thousand computers, and sophistication C with a capacity of 254 computers. IP Address function. IP Address is employed as a bunch or interface identification tool on the network. This function is illustrated as somebody’s name as how of recognizing who that person is. in an exceedingly network the identical thing applies: the unique IP address are visiting be accustomed identify a computer or device on the network. IP Address is employed because the address of the network location. To facilitate sending data packets, the IP Address contains information about its existence. there’s a route that has got to be traversed so as that the information can reach the destination computer. Learn  More IP Address  : Details Class: highschool Subject: computers and technology Keywords : IP Address, binary, network, computers, identification

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Severity of harm & Probability of harm Explanation: While evaluating the risk of harm in research, two deciding factors are: 1. Magnitude of harm (how severe is the harm) 2. Probability of harm (what are the chances of happening) Therefore, in this case, it must be analyzed how much harm it can produce for the individual if his information gets leaked along with the chances of occurrence of this event.

The answer is already given at the end of the question; solely by the magnitude or severity of expected harm
When assessing risks of harm associated with participation in a research study, the probability of harm and the risk of the severity of harm are two distinctive elements of risk that must be considered. In probability of harm, the fact that not all possible harms are equally probable should be considered. How these two elements occur is a crucial factor in determining the level of risk of harm in a study. Given the sensitivity of the information in the case scenario above, the probability that an individual subject could be identified is low while the magnitude of the possible risk of harm is high.

The correct answer is: “Both the magnitude (or severity) and the probability (or likelihood) of harm.” When evaluating a particular risk, it is important to consider 2 factors: The probability of the occurrence of the event.The magnitude of the effects produced by the occurrence of the event. In this case, the probability of a person’s identity to be leaked in the survey, regardless of the absence of direct identifiers, should be analyzed and determined. As well as the potential impact of the harm produced to the individual if the information regarding his or her identity were to be leaked.

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The severity and likelihood of harm Explanation: So that there is no room for a data breach.

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A researcher wants to do a web-based survey of college students to collect information about their sexual behavior and drug use. Direct

A researcher wants to do a web-based survey of college students about their sexual behavior and drug use. Directed surveys have several advantages over other methods of data collection: they are voluntary, they are relatively inexpensive, and they can be administered quickly. In this article, we’ll look at some of the techniques that the researcher can use to make sure that the survey is as accurate as possible. We’ll also discuss some of the ethical considerations involved in conducting a web-based survey.

The researcher’s purpose for conducting the survey

The researcher’s purpose for conducting the survey is to collect information about the sexual behavior and drug use of college students. The researcher hopes to learn more about the trends among this population and to identify any potential areas for intervention.

The survey will be web-based, allowing participants to complete it from anywhere in the world. The researcher also plans to collect data on sexual orientation and gender identity, in order to provide a more comprehensive picture of student sexuality.

The survey is open to students at participating colleges and universities. If you’re interested in taking part, please visit the researcher’s website for more information.

How the survey will be conducted

The researcher is planning to do a web-based survey of college students to collect information about their sexual behavior and drug use. The survey will be used to study how different variables (such as age, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) affect these behaviors.

The researcher has already collected the information needed for the survey from previous research projects. The most important part of this project will be getting permission from the students who will participate in it. Once permission is granted, the researcher will create a web portal where students can enter information about themselves.

To ensure that all participants feel comfortable with the survey, the researcher will make sure that all questions are clearly explained and that there are no unexpected questions. After the survey is completed, the data will be analyzed and used to improve public health policies and interventions.

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Who is eligible to participate in the survey

Anyone who is currently a college student and has not already completed the survey is eligible to participate. The survey will be available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

What will you need to complete the survey?

In order to take part in the survey, participants will need a computer with internet access and an email account. They will also need to be able to read and write in English.

How long will it take to complete the survey?

The survey should only take about 10 minutes to complete. However, due to the large number of questions contained in the survey, it may take a little longer for some participants to finish it.

What are the benefits of participating in the survey?

There are many benefits to participating in the survey. First, by taking part in the survey, participants can help improve our understanding of sexual behavior and drug use among college students. Second, by providing their contact information, participants may receive updates related to the results of the survey or other research projects related to college students. Finally, participants who complete the survey may be entered into a drawing for a prize.

What questions will be asked in the survey

The researcher plans to ask students about their sexual behavior, drug use, and other personal topics. Here are some questions that the researcher anticipates asking:

-How often do you have sex?
-What type of sexual activities do you usually engage in?
-What drugs do you frequently use?
-Has anyone ever forced or pressured you into having sex against your will?
-Do you think that your current level of sexual activity is too low/high? Why/why not?
-Do you think that your drug use is too high/low? Why/why not?

How long the survey will last

The researcher plans to do a web-based survey of college students for a period of three months.

What rewards students will receive for participating in the survey

The researcher wants to do a web-based survey of college students to collect information about their sexual behavior and drug use. Directly, the student will receive a reward for participating in the survey. The reward can be anything the student wishes, but rewards that are common include receiving a discount on goods or services, gaining access to exclusive content, or even winning a prize. Ultimately, the goal of the survey is to gain valuable information about the behavior of college students and how their drug use affects their sexual behavior.

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