A regulation table tennis ball has a mass of 2.9 g and is 42 mm in diameter.?

a legislation ping pong baseball has actually scores of 2.9 {rm g} and is 42 {rm mm} in diameter.

Look at the ping pong baseball as slim spherical layer. The minute of inertia for these types of an item with size m and distance roentgen about an axis through it center is [1]:
We =(2/3)∙m∙r²
For legislation ping pong baseball:
We = (2/3) ∙ 2.9g ∙ (21mm)² = 852.6 g∙mm² = 8.526×10⁻⁷ kg∙m²

We never ever heard 42 mm.diameter ping pong baseball is a regulation baseball for competiton.
Presently 40 mm.diameter baseball is formal ping pong baseball for usage in competitors match. as well as its has actually 2.7 grms in body weight.

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