A cell with two pairs of each set of chromosomes is called a

[ diploid / haploid] label: time: Meiosis Worksheet 1. A cell with two sets of each and every collection of chromosomes is named a diploid / haploid cellular. These tissues are generally discover in the looks cells and are also labeled as germ / somatic tissues. 2. A cell with one of collection of chromosomes is named [ gametes/ zygotes). A fertilized egg is a gamete / zygote). 4. A type of cell division that results in diploid cells: (meiosis / mitosis] cellular. These kinds of tissues can be found in reproductive body organs and are also labeled as germ / somatic] cells. 3. Sperm and egg cells are called

5. A type of cell division that results in haploid cells. (meiosis / mitosis] 6. Whenever a sperm and egg integrate, truly labeled as 7. what’s the diploid amounts for human beings? What’s the haploid amounts? 8. coordinating chromosomes have been called – sets. 9. During prophase of meiosis, these sets means a tetrad in a procedure labeled as 10. Whenever homologous chromosomes change family genes, truly labeled as: 11. Exactly how many girl tissues are manufactured at the conclusion of meiosis we? __meiosis ll? 12. During meiosis, chromosomes will split up into girl tissues arbitrarily, creating each gamete different. It is labeled as 13. The method through which semen were created is named 14. The method through which egg were created is named 15. Throughout development of an oocyte, 3 further haploid tissues are manufactured that’ll not feel fertilized, these tissues have been called tag the levels VD 38
13. spermatogenesis
10. crossing-over
Meiosis II- Prophase II, Metaphase II, Anaphase II, Telophase II
11. Meiosis I- two haploid girl cellular, meiosis II- four
haploid girl tissues.
15. Polar looks
7. Diploid various 46 and haploid amounts try 23
8. Homologous chromosome
5. Meiosis
1. Diploid, somatic
Meiosis I- prophase we, Metaphase we, anaphase we and telophase
9. Synapsis
2. Haploid, germ
12. Cytokinesis

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