A cannon is mounted on a tower above a wide, level field. The barrel of the cannon is 180m above the ground be?

A cannon is installed on a tower above an extensive, standard area. The barrel associated with the cannon is 180m over the surface the following. A cannonball is fired horizontally with a short rate of 600 m/s. Presuming environment opposition may be ignored, approx just how long will the cannonball take trip before it strikes the bottom?

1.Equation: Y=y(initial)+v(initial)t+1/2at^2
In which y= y element of equation, vvelocity, t=time, and a=acceleration of gravity
t=6.06 moments
d) 6s
2. d=(v)(t)
In which d is length, v is velocity, and t is time
d is about corresponding to 3600
c) 3,600

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