4 Virtual Work Trends That Will Shape The Future

The past few years will go down in history as the years where all the business-related monumental shifts occurred. Nowadays the way our work is organized is extremely different from the past.

With the increase in remote work popularity, employers had to find various ways to increase productivity. Since this huge shift happened, a lot of tools and trends emerged that are on the cusp of shaping the whole future of business operations.

So, take a look below at some of the major game changers in the business industry.

Technology that enhances operations

Businesses around the world always struggled with lead management and employee productivity. Of course, performance bottlenecks will always exist, but now it’s extremely easy to notice them and resolve them.

For example, employees can be easily distracted during their working hours by social media or entertainment websites. So, to remove the performance dips caused by that, you can use desktop monitoring software to discourage your employees from using them.

There are various tools that enable your employees to send emails and follow up with clients much faster. If you are a company dealing with a long list of clients, a client management system is a must.

To find the right tools for your company, you can either research online or ask your employees for feedback.

A shift in communication

Nowadays, people like to communicate a bit differently. Gone are the days when employees had to prepare a whole room and get the right markers for the whiteboard. Presently, all you need to do is set up a channel where your employees can tune in, and send them the link.

Furthermore, day-to-day communications can be a bit difficult if you have a fleet of freelancers who are on the other side of the globe. To solve the geographical barrier, you can use communication platforms such as Slack, and keep up to date with the late work progress.

To hold monthly or weekly meetings you can use Zoom or any other virtual conference platform.

Attention to your employees’ mental health

Remote work has become an increasingly popular way for employees to work. In the past, employees had to spend a lot of time commuting and being away from their families. Now, employees can perform their tasks and still have time for themselves at the same time. However, many companies are beginning to see how remote work affects the mental health of their employees. Of course, the remote work trend is proving to be extremely beneficial for business, but some patterns suggest that mental health can be affected.

To avoid any problems of this sort, you can award your employees with monthly spa or relaxation treats. You can also offer to pay for their gym membership or offer them flexible working hours.

In addition, if you notice that working from home is taxing on certain employees, you can implement hybrid work. 

Management Software

Managing a busy company can be extremely difficult, or maybe even impossible depending on how many employees are on your payroll. Telling what needs to be done to each employee individual can be extremely time-consuming and even stressful.

For this reason, developers that want to help businesses that work with a large team and freelancers, create software that will allow you to seamlessly organize and hand out assignments.

Management apps, such as Trello, are some of the best on the internet and they’re completely free. Other apps such as Wrinkle, are as good and can always be used to increase productivity and organization. 

Lastly, to manage your employees more effectively, you can create an internal wiki that will allow them to find all the right information related to the work they need to complete. You can start with the basics and your employees can embellish as the working hours tick on.

Final thoughts

Managing a whole team of employees is nearly impossible without the right tools in your arsenal. To lead a fleet of freelancers you will need various software to keep track of their performance, communicate with them, and on top of that motivate them.

Add organization to the equation and you will also need task management software. Lastly, make sure that your employees are motivated and up to date with the latest company policies to ensure optimal levels of performance.

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