3. which of the following is not true about the madrina in a traditional spanish wedding?

which of the next is just not true in regards to the madrina in a conventional spanish marriage ceremony? (1 level) she accompanies the groom to the marriage. she indicators the wedding license as a witness. she attire in a proper robe. she offers a speech in regards to the couple. 4. which of the next means “fireworks” in spanish? (1 level) los fuegos artificiales los modales la costumbre la fiesta de sorpresa

Reply : She offers a speech in regards to the couple. Not true 4. Which of the next means “fireworks” in Spanish? : los fuegos artificiales.

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#2 the reply is tienes #3 the reply is los i consider

Hiya.the reply is 15percentmexican and mexican-american viewers make up 15% of univisión’s viewers.have a pleasant day

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