2014 chevy sonic LT anti theft system activated, stuck on what to do next?

my dad in-law had their anti theft system tripped, he claimed it just happened after operating towards the dental practitioner.

Exactly what in pretty bad shape you have got. The thing i could want to do is begin from scrape and reset everything to default options. Might accomplish that by-doing a Capacitive Discharge. That’s eliminating both power Terminals and hold all of them collectively for a few moments. Every memory will likely to be erased and it’ll end up being the just like as soon as the vehicle was initially built. In the event that safety light is blinking or does not set off you’ll should the main element On for a few moments program

The immobilizer just prevents the gas injectors from working. it cann’t maintain the beginner from working. Do a voltage fall test regarding the electric battery bad surface cable. Cleanse battery pack bad cable on the surface to human anatomy and motor connections plus the interior part of battery pack clamps in which they contact battery pack articles. Pull any after marketplace remote begin methods. You’re wasting the cash you ought to have regularly use the vehicle to a master auto mechanic on tossing components at it together with your presumptions. I’d place the initial immobilizer back the automobile. Used to don’t see something in regards to you programming the newest immobilizer towards the PCM. You want a factory scan device to accomplish this.

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