1923.168.1.1 brings me to my modem config, I need to configure my router!?

I am making an attempt to get wi fi on my DS, and nintendo instructed me to place that in my browser to configure my D-Hyperlink wi-fi router (WBR-1310) nevertheless it introduced me to ZyXEL configuration for modem.

Attempt additionally
Relying in your pc, when you have PC, goto run, kind cmd then enter.
A black dos kind window will open, kind ipconfig then enter.
It is best to get a listing of the ip configs
Search for “default gateway”, relying on the setup this might be both your router or modem. Sort that IP quantity into your browser.
Relying on how the community was setup, your router or your modem will management opening ports (you have to open a port to let the DS get to the web).
You have to work out how the community is setup to get correct recommendation, it’s possible your modem does DHCP (controls the community) because it has the tackle

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And thats to configure your wifi in your COMPUTER itself.
Do this and just be sure you have an open community with no password wanted. Then attempt to join your DS.
Put your sport within the DS. Go to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings space inside the sport, then decide one of many community “slots” so your sport will bear in mind how you’ve got configured it.
Now, hopefully, you’ll see your wi-fi community (or maybe multiple). The best to work with is an open community, which is indicated as a blue padlock that is open. There are additionally crimson padlocks (in case your system makes use of WEP safety) and gray padlocks (that are dangerous information: the Nintendo DS cannot work with the safety system on that specific unit, most likely WPA safety).
If in case you have an open community, simply click on “OK” and it ought to work simply high-quality! If it is a crimson padlock, it will immediate you for a password: you may have to know the password of the wi-fi entry level you are utilizing to get previous that. If it is gray, properly, strive discovering an open community someplace else you need to use.
You may have a few totally different connection choices at that time, however the best is to let the Nintendo DS unit do all of the work: select “Seek for an Entry Level”:

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open a command line
kind in “ipconfig” (with out the parentheses in fact)
discover the place it says default gateway
kind or copy and paste your default gateway into your browser and you have to be there.

The default IP tackle of the D-Hyperlink is: 192.168.0,1.

the proprietor’s handbook/information will inform you the tackle to go to

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