19. nelson’s hobby is tinkering with small appliances. tinkering with implies that nelson is unskilled at his hobby. you want to change

19. nelson’s pastime is tinkering with small home equipment. tinkering with implies that nelson is unskilled at his pastime. you need to change the flavour of this sentence to indicate that nelson is, actually, fairly expert at his pastime. which of the next must you select to switch tinkering with in order that the reader will get the fitting concept? a. repairing b. messing with c. fidgeting with d. promoting

Nelson is, actually, fairly expert at his pastime. A. Repairing

The reply must be b messing with.Motive why as a result of tinkering means to play or fiddle with totally different objects

A. Repairing Clarification: “Fiddle with” has an analogous that means to “tinker with”: it means to the touch one thing restlessly or nervously, usually with the aim of creating enhancements; “Messing with” means to meddle or intrude with one thing, so it doesn’t both specific that Nelson is expert at his pastime, and neither does “Promoting,” which comes from the verb “to promote.” “Repairing,” then again, means to revive one thing broken or worn to a very good situation, and it’s the solely phrase that may change the flavour of the sentence to indicate that Nelson is sort of expert with small home equipment.

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c Clarification: he’s repairing… my grandpa used to say that he was going to tinker on his laptop in his workplace. he rebuilt computer systems for a dwelling tis what he ment

The reply is D. Repairing.

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C. repairing as a result of it implies he can really repair them and isn’t solely “messing with” them.

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I’d say B as a result of it nonetheless provides the fitting concept of “tinkering” but it does not imply he’s unskilled.

It will be repairing :3

Repairing is the proper phrase…it implies that Nelson is aware of what he’s doing

The reply to the query is A. Repairing

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