16. Which one of the following statements best describes group behavior?

16. Which one of many following statements greatest describes group habits?

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C. A gaggle is the sum of the habits of all the group members. Rationalization:

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A just isn’t the reply don’t make the error I made

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A. is the reply. Inform me if it is proper

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Conformity to group pressures may end up in groupthink, or the defective decision-making course of that outcomes from cohesive group members attempting to keep up group concord. The next statements greatest describes group habits:  As a bunch behaves, so too will every particular person within the group.. Right D Teams affect particular person decision-making processes in quite a lot of methods.

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The reply is C. A gaggle is the sum of the habits of all the group members. A gaggle works as one, however that doesn’t imply that every of the member behaves in a similar way. Every of the members in a bunch has distinct traits, which can be somewhat summed as much as generate higher outcomes. Additionally, an excellent group is the one the place everybody has one thing to contribute, and doesn’t rely solely on its most influential members.

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The reply is D yall are welcome

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The right reply is C. A gaggle is the sum of the behaviour of all the group members.
The efficiency of a bunch sometimes relies on the work of people whereas in a group. It relies on each particular person contributions and collective efforts of group members.

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A) They do not transfer very a lot and don’t change place. It is because the molecules within the stable are tightly packed collectively.

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“The mob impact”

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B is right. Molecules transfer sooner when they’re hotter as a result of they’ve extra vitality. You’ll be able to discover this transformation along with your bare eye. Molecules in solids do not transfer. They’ve barely any vitality. Hope this helps!

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